Recently commissioned by Women's Health, Owen collaborated with Still-Life Photograper Leo Acker on their 'Beauty Awards' Feature, Owen created 7 still life sets featuring the shortlisted and winning products across Make-up, Hair-products, Fragrance and Natural products.

Photography: Leo Acker

Posted: 21 November 2016

Owen created this cover illustration (unused in the end) for Fortune magazine for their '100 Best Companies to Work for' issue. The elements were all handcrafted and then shot by photographer Emma Todd.

View Owen's full portfolio here.

Posted: 9 September 2016

Owen recently created this dazzling cover for the 10th Anniversary Edition of GOOD magazine, in collaboration with San Francisco studio The Tiny Bank.

View Owen's full portfolio here.

Posted: 12 August 2016

Owen created this series of designs for American Express' Card Art series, he was asked to reinterpret their Green, Gold and Platinum cards with the theme 'The great outdoors'.

View Owen's full portfolio here.


Posted: 5 July 2016

"I'm leaving because the weather is too good. I hate London when it's not raining."

Commissioned by Show Media Owen was asked to create a window display as part of their rebranding of The Royal Exchange, a luxury shopping centre in the heart of London. Using the Groucho Marx quote above as a starting point Owen and his team set about creating a large-scale paper installation. This featured a range of oversized handmade products, linking in with the types of items on offer in The Royal Exchange. 

View more in Owen's full portfolio here.


Posted: 10 June 2016

A brand new campaign from Owen Gildersleeve Studio for Malta Guiness, saw him create colourful and energetic perspex set design in collaboration with Making Pictures still life photograher Sam Hofmann and drinks stylist Ray Spencer, commissioned by DesignBridge - the campaign is now live across various media platforms.

Posted: 6 June 2016

Owen Gildersleeve's wonderful 'animail' character creations, for a new Royal Mail stamp collection, aimed at children is now out! Find out more and buy the stamp collection here.

View Owen's full portfolio here.

Posted: 1 June 2016

MP Arts is excited to announce the launch of Owen Gildersleeve brand new website - check out the new site here.

Posted: 19 April 2016

Check out this truely incredible Iron Man paper sculpture by Owen Gildersleeve, in collaboration with 3D model designer Thomas Forsyth for the 2016 Silicon Valley Comic Con.

View Owen's brilliant portfolio here.


Posted: 7 April 2016

To mark the 5th birthday of the Nissan Juke, MP Arts Set Designer Owen Gildersleeve, was approached by Performance Communications to create a life-size origami inspired paper car, tying in with the company's Japanese roots. The paper model, an exact replica of the Juke, took over 200 hours to build and the paper shell was formed of around 2,000 separate folded polygons. The car was built in collaboration with model maker Thomas Forsyth, and together they devised a rigid internal structure on which they then built the paper shell. 

Click here to view the promo video and making of. A big congratulations to Owen on a hugely successful project!

View Owen's full portfolio here.

Posted: 4 November 2015



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